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Hospitality and the Coronavirus

New hotel hygiene and cleaning protocols

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, hotels around the world are reviewing their cleaning programs to ensure the safety of their associates and reassure their guests.

While pandemic-era policies are different around the globe, the new protocols put in place by hotels must be adapted to their current situation, quick to implement and affordable, given the current economic situation.  




How to reassure your guests that they are safe?

Here are some guidelines on how to effectively communicate with your guests and make them feel safe. 

  1. Train your staff to new procedures and pay attention to their needs;
  2. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest recommendations;
  3. Make sure your guests are informed; 
  4. Use technology to avoid human contact whenever possible;
  5. Rethink your F&B offering - Catering meals to rooms could be an option;
  6. Ensure that your supply chain will function properly, communicate with your partners;

And revise your hotel hygiene and cleaning protocols.

An informed guest is a reassured guest.

We want to help you achieve a smooth hotel re-opening. 

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To help hotel owners and manager around the world the EHL advisory service experts have put together a personalized, quick to implement and affordable recognition for hospitality hygiene and cleaning protocols.

What does it include?

  • A ready-to-implement package of procedures and training to quickly enable all your hotel departments to meet the enhanced hygiene requirements.
  • An external validation of how well your property has implemented the recommended procedures.
  • A badge of recognition(*) that will reassure your guests of your property’s commitment to following industry-leading practices in hygiene.
(*) Upon successful external assessment, renewable yearly.

What are the advantages of joining the program?


  1. Ready to implement.

  2. Designed to build your teams’ autonomy: package includes a self-assessment and the training/coaching of a designated “Cleanliness Champion” in your organization, who will be equipped to coach your teams throughout the year.

  3. Based on best practices and protocols from the world #1 in hospitality management education (EHL) in collaboration with Working Safe. The program has also drawn from the expertise gained by EHL Group using products and standard procedures from the global hygiene leader Ecolab (*).

  4. Tailored to your property: Specific recommendations adapted to your hotel set-up and current procedures, following the analysis of your self-assessment by EHL Advisory experts.

  5. Affordable: built for independent hotels.

  6. All-encompassing: addressing all the dimensions and activities of your property:  people and procedures, all guest areas, from parking to reception, rooms, bars, restaurants, and meeting places.


(*) Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, food safety and public health technologies and services, has again been recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2020.
Working Safe is a unique web platform developed by the Swiss-based Yucca, a global IT and HR solutions company.


The program steps


  1. Receive set of procedures and a self-assessment to complete.

  2. Based on results of self-assessment, receive tailored recommendations and implementation steps.

  3. Train the dedicated “Protocol Champion” you identified in your organization with the provided online training.

  4. When ready, send documented status report based on self-assessment.

  5. Upon successful results from EHL Advisory expert review, receive your badge of recognition, valid for 1 year.

Opportunity to renew badge for subsequent years (optional) following potential mystery guest visit by EHL Advisory expert or designated representative.

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Program prices


  • 1500 CHF per hotel property.
    Included: Procedures + Self-Assessment + Protocol Champion's Training + Tailored Recommendations + Expert Review.
  • Yearly renewal: 1500 CHF 
  • Optional diagnostic visit to help you launch the program with expert advice on site: 1500 CHF (1)

(1) Travel costs to be added.

NEW: Get your key staff trained with EHL online Safety and Hygiene course (115 CHF per participant)

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The Safety & Hygiene Protocol, and its label do not replace or modify the legal requirements applicable to each establishment, in terms of health, cleanliness, safety (and other requirements). The use of the Safety & Hygiene Protocol, and its label, shall not be construed as implying a recognition or certification that the establishment does not present health risks, safety risks or other risks. It only certifies that the establishment has undertaken to use the Safety & Hygiene Protocol set up by EHL.

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