Hotel Performance Analysis 

Assess the performance of your hotel and pin-point your areas of improvement with EHL Advisory Services' online evaluation tool.

Is your hotel business setup for long-term performance?

While your hotel’s survival today is closely linked to its current financial performance, its long term success is driven by a wider set of strategic, financial and operational dimensions.

Are you a successful hotelier?

  • Do you have a comprehensive snapshot of all the performance drivers?
EHL Pulse-Taker pin-points your success drivers and points of attention, so you know what to prioritize to improve your hotel performance.

  • Do you analyze how your hotel is performing relative to the best hotels in your category?
EHL Pulse-Taker benchmarks your hotel performance against industry standards from different angles and present results in a detailed scorecard.

  • Do you secure long-term success?
With EHL Pulse-Taker you identify your opportunities or threats with expert advice from the largest Swiss hospitality advisory services.

EHL's hospitality experts have designed the "Hotel Pulse-Taker" to accelerate your path to continuous success. 

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EHL Advisory Taking the Pulse of a Hotel Performance

Analyze your Hotel Performance with Pulse–Taker

The Hotel Pulse-Taker is an online  hotel performance analysis tool that allows you to evaluate the sustainability of your hotel success based on the latest industry standards.

It includes: 
  • A multi-dimensional questionnaire.
  • A complete report showcasing your hotel's areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • A detailed improvement plan for your hotel, by one of our industry experts.
  • A 2-hour feedback session with a senior EHL hospitality consultant or an industry expert.
EHL Hotel Pulse Taker Performance Dimensions

Pulse-Taker Hotel Appraisal Method

Research shows that traditional performance indicators such as occupancy rate, ADR and RevPar, if used in isolation, may be poor predictors of a hotel future performance.

Pulse-Taker will analyze your hotel along 6 pillars of a sustained hotel performance, each including a range of indicators: 

  • Service Excellence
    Review score, customer focus, brand standards...
  • Finance
    Financial KPIs, RIO investments, operational efficiency...
  • Sales Performance
    RevPAR, online marketing activities, segments & channels...
  • Asset Management
    Location, FF&E, property value...
  • Innovation
    Review process, consumer trends, IT systems...
  • Health & Safety
    Risk analysis, quality labels, safety procedures...


About our hotel performance management experts

The Hotel Pulse-Taker assessment has been created by senior hospitality consultants of EHL Advisory Services, using their experience helping hotel owners and investors around the globe. Prior to joining EHL Advisory Services, our consultants acquired extensive expertise as hotel GMs, Asset Managers, Hotel pre-opening Managers, and more.  

EHL is ranked world's #1 in hospitality management education.

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