Hospitality Finance & Economics Conference

27-28 JUNE 2019, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

The 3rd annual Hospitality Finance & Economics research conference is a forum to explore the latest advances in finance, real estate and economics by combining academic and practitioner perspectives. This year we shift our focus from "Private Markets" to "Indices“.

As finance, real estate and economics experts need to work in unison, the creation and sharing of insights – such as indices and theories – is paramount in creating a wholesome environment for investors, managers, policy makers and consumers, in hospitality and beyond. Hosting renowned experts, academics and professionals, this conference aims at facilitating knowledge creation and sharing across disciplines.



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 Conference fees include conference attendance, coffee breaks and lunch.

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Keynote Speakers

Globally leading academics will deliver keynote lectures on “Indices: their Creation, Consumption and Challenges.


Dr Jeffrey Fisher

  • Indiana University, USA.

Dr Crocker Liu

  • Cornell University, USA.

Dr Gang Li

  • University of Surrey, UK.

Dr Rico Maggi

Università della Svizzera italiana, CH.


Dr Richard Malle

  • BNP Paribas Real Estate, FR.



Expert Panelists

Industry thought leaders and academics will participate in a panel discussing various aspects of indices in hospitality, finance, economics and real estate.



Thanos Papasavvas, CFA ABP Invest

We are pleased to announce that Thanos Papassavas, Founder & CIO at ABP Invest, will host an Industry Expert Panel on “Challenges of Creating and Consuming Indexes".


Anne-Marie Auriault 

Anne-Marie Auriault

Managing Director - Pimlico Asset Management, Switzerland.



 miroslav durana

Dr Miroslav Durana

Director - DuraWealth, Switzerland.        





Dr Roland Füss

Chair Professor - University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.






Steve Hood

Senior VP of Research - STR, USA.




Jane Lees

Executive Director - CBRE, UK.    ............................................   





Vanguelis Panayotis

COO - MKG Group, France.         






Christophe Piffaretti

Fund Manager - Credit Suisse REF Hospitality, Switzerland.         




Finance & Accounting Real Estate Hospitality & Tourism Economics

Dr Alain Schatt - HEC Lausanne, Switzerland


Dr Roland Füss - Univ. of St. Gallen,  Switzerland            


Dr Paolo Figini - Univ. of Bologna, Italy


Dr Dusan Isakov - Univ. of Fribourg, Switzerland             


Dr Peng Liu - Cornell University, USA    


Dr A.J. Singh - Univ. of Texas Rio Grand Valley, USA


Dr Tiphaine Jérôme -  EHL, Switzerland


Dr Anupam Nanda - University of Reading, UK


Dr Roland Schegg - Institute of Tourism, HES-SO Valais, Switzerland


Dr Giovanni Derchi - EHL, Switzerland   


Dr Philippe Thalmann - EPFL, Switzerland


Dr Giuliano Bianchi - EHL, Switzerland


Dr Philippe Masset - EHL, Switzerland 


Dr Michael Trübestein – Lucerne Univ. of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland


Dr Isabella Blengini - EHL, Switzerland



Dr Spenser J. Robinson - Central Michigan University, USA Dr Miriam Scaglione - Institute of Tourism, HES-SO Valais, Switzerland

Dr Cédric Poretti - EHL, Switzerland       


Dr  René-Ojas Woltering - EHL, Switzerland       


Dr Yong Chen - EHL, Switzerland


Rémy Rein - EHL, Switzerland   


Stéphane Haddad - EHL, Switzerland    






  • Dr Prashant Das - Associate Professor, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.
  • Dr Jean-Philippe Weisskopf - Assistant Professor, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.


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  • HES-SO University of Applied Sciences & Arts Western Switzerland
  • Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Institut Louis Bachelier


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