Executive Coaching Program

High impact leadership development for your company's top talents with experts from world renown EHL. 

Leadership Skills

The characteristics of Effective Leadership are changing

In today's VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity - environment, organizations need to adapt their leadership style.

Examples of leadership development needs include

  • Cognitive flexibility,
  • Agility,
  • Computational thinking,
  • Inclusivity,
  • Lateral thinking.
Executive Coaching Program
Executive Coaching Program

What is the Executive Coaching Program?

The Executive Coaching Program is a series of  high impact 1-on-1 coaching sessions delivered online by domain experts. It includes a minimum of 5 customized 1-on-1 online coaching sessions (60-90 minutes each) typically spread over a period of 1 to 3 months. 

Program customization 

5 Executive Coaching Themes

You will tailor your coaching program along these leadership development training topics: 

  1. Leadership Skills
    Chart your leadership journey and identify specific areas of development in relation to your leadership skills.

  2. Personal Excellence
    Cultivate a winning attitude and build resilience as an individual.

  3. Brand YOU
    Understand your own personal brand and leverage its strengths, focus on areas of improvement.

  4. Facilitation Skills
    Recognize the "art of facilitation" and equip yourself to effectively facilitate learning for others.

  5. Service Excellence
    Build specific competencies allowing for a service oriented mindset.
Executive Coaching Program

Who will benefit from Executive Coaching?

  • Organizations that are keen on investing in their people and adding value to their Personal and Professional skill-set, in turn benefiting the organization.
  • Individuals looking to invest in themselves and adding value to their Personal and Professional skill-set.
Executive Coaching Program

Who are the Executive Coaches?

Our Executive Coaches are the experts in hospitality education and business from EHL Advisory Services.

EHL Advisory Services is a member of EHL Group, along with the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, which consistently ranks among the best Universities of Hospitality Management in the world.

Our Coaches bring best-in class Swiss education know-how & people development expertise and tap into the vast resources of the Group. They have an in-depth knowledge and experience gained from working over 500 Clients in 60 countries, in many sectors, including Hospitality, Luxury, Retail, Education, Public Sector, Financial and Health Services.

Why join our Executive Coaching Program?


  1. Customized Coaching Program
    The program will be customized to your specific developmental needs, new knowledge and competencies that you or your organization may require.

  2. Personal and Professional Development
    By identifying your unique areas of development, the program will focus on building, cultivating these skills and competencies that will not only add value to you and your professionally, but also in your personal life.

  3. Internal Reflection
    The well spread-out sessions will allow you a considerable amount of time to reflect internally on the various discussions, activities and learnings that are brought to light during the sessions.

  4. Chart a Course 
    By the end of the program, you will be able to chart out a specific course and plan of action with a keen focus on areas of development and new knowledge, competencies to be implemented.

  5. Certificate
    You will receive a certificate of completion issued by EHL Advisory Services.

Program details

Executive Program Prices, Timing and Delivery

  • Pricing
    Prices vary depending on the number of coaching sessions ordered and start at XXXXXX  .
  • Timing
    Start date and pacing of coaching sessions will be tailored to your schedule and preferences
  • Delivery mode
    1-1 Online sessions


For the purpose of conducting these Coaching Sessions, a Laptop/PC/Tablet (preferable) or Phone with seamless internet connectivity, internet browser, inbuilt mic and camera would be required. The sessions will be powered through Webex and you will be able to access it using a link shared with you. No additional software will be required.

Tips for Talent Managers

How to improve talent development?

To maximize the impact of this Executive Coaching Program, organizations should:   

  1. Encourage self-awareness. 

  2. Invest in both personal development resources (coaching) and professional development tools.

  3. Encourage personal goals alongside professional goals.

  4. Build scheduled time for personal development into the workday.