Created in 1926, when EHL was getting more and more international, The EHL Alumni Association was primarily initiated to respond to alumni’s desire to reconnect after graduating and support each other in the development of their professional life.

Different expectations were put forward between young graduates and more senior alumni but they agreed on the necessity to walk hand in hand. A value that is still prominent today.

In 2005, the Alumni Association of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne was dissolved and the management and caretaking of our alumni became officially a responsibility of EHL itself.

The AEHL was one of the first alumni association in its field to have the chance to be 100% integrated to a university, in Europe.


EHL Alumni Network Today

Our Alumni network is one of the most powerful and most welcoming alumni networks in the industry with 25,000 members since 1893, in 120 different countries.

A team of five is working full time in Lausanne to support our alumni in their private and professional life. It is supported by a network of volunteers spreading the EHL Spirit around the world.

One of EHL’s priorities is to provide young graduates with jobs. Today, our Alumni are supporting us with this mission by providing about 1 out of 3 young graduate jobs.

Besides being a valuable source of employment opportunities and advice on moving abroad, the network makes sure you feel at home wherever you are in the world.

Contact the team at alumni(at)ehl.ch for any questions you may have.