Are you looking for professional advice on implementing a service culture throughout your company?

The training and consultancy branch of EHL has been supporting innovation and excellence in the hospitality industry and education since 1976.

We’ve had the privilege of advising leaders from over 500 major organizations around the world. As a result, we’ve recognized a number of concrete actions that go a long way in identifying the right priorities, projects and people to drive valuable results in customer experience.

Our team of leading subject experts develop applicable, innovative solutions that help businesses, institutions and governments around the world to prepare for future excellence, with a commitment to service culture and quality assurance.

With an all-inclusive approach, we develop applicable, tailor-made solutions infusing Swiss excellence and service culture into organizations.

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Service Culture Implementation


For companies in all industries where customer satisfaction is a key competitive advantage, we provide advisory services based on our hospitality experience to implement a strong service culture. 

We help you define service levels, improve performance and measure service excellence as well as design and deliver training programs in B2B mode to meet the specific needs of your organization.


How to achieve Service Excellence?


A large percentage of business success stems from how a customer is made to feel, not just how happy they are with their purchase or service.

In today’s experience economy, customers not only value but expect exceptional service – and they will reward or punish for the quality of how they are served with their spending choices.

Any company unable to respond to their needs, expectations or compensate for unfavorable experiences, might as well wave goodbye to any hopes of customer loyalty and re-engagement.

In-house Training Centers

EHL Faculty course vs

Service Excellence can be taught... but not with the same approach as one would use for a sales or project management training.

With the experience of the world's #1 in  hospitality management education, our consultants have advised learning centers in more than 60 countries. 

We help on all aspects of service excellence training, from staff skills assessment, training program development, to learning center infrastructure design, facilitator selection and coaching.

Virtual Instructor Led Training


Upgrade your teams' Service Excellence skills with remote classes led by experts from EHL, world no.1 in hospitality education.

Who will benefit from the training?

  • Staff in customer-facing roles including customer service, sales, front-desk, retail...   
  • Supervisors wishing to coach their teams on Service Excellence 
  • Managers looking to design their company's Service Excellence Journey and Culture

This program will benefit to all industries where customer service quality is key, such as retail, luxury goods, airline, bank &  insurance, cruises, government, healthcare, automotive.

Are you ready to sharpen your competitive edge?

Results are the key, but we are also concerned about your experience during the project. We therefore cover all the project life cycle to assure you success.

Browse our Service Culture Implementation services

Want to refine and focus your customers' experience and drive results for your business?

We will help you to think in journeys and emphasizing on quality of the whole experience.

What does it include?
  • Analyzing & improving the customer experience
  • Define and create a story to tell
  • Improve quality and value of the service
  • Foster a culture of innovation
  • Fine tune interaction among people & services
  • Install quantitative KPI’s
Looking to create a company culture that puts your customers first?

We will help integrate values and behaviors of service culture in the DNA of your organization by implementing it at both levels; strategic and operational.

What does it include?
  • Defining the values & mission of the organization
  • Defining the SOPs
  • HR Promise & HR Cycle
  • Education of staff and management
  • Operational and strategic implementation
  • Quality measurement & follow-up
You want to place customer service excellence at the very heart of your business?

We will help you put develop and implement a service activation model to make Service Excellence a reality for your business.

What does it include?
  • Hard skill based trainings on customer service
  • Gap analysis to desired service levels
  • Align company values with service levels
  • Implementing the service culture
  • Document all aspects of service culture
  • Evaluation and celebration of achievements
Are you looking for ways to consistently guide all aspects of your customer experience?

We will help you create a brand book that makes it clear to all stakeholders as to how the business will be operated.

What does it include?
  • Define the promise to your customers
  • Define the look and feel
  • Explanation on service delivery
  • Clarification on standards of operation
  • Employee profiling
  • Documentation to stakeholders
  • Scalability by duplication of the model
Do you need help in creating a positive work environment and customer experience?

We will help you train your employees on customer engagement through bespoke service excellence trainings and workshops based on world-class methodology and program roll out adjusted to your organization.

What does it include?
  • Hospitality etiquette
  • My brand
  • Vocational trainings on hard skills
  • Customer service excellence
  • Communicating
  • Effectiveness & self-management
  • Cultural awareness, handling the difference
Did you set service excellence goals for your  company?

We will put in place a unique system to help you assess the level of service delivery in your company. It is used to assess and validate the level and the efficiency of more than 200 services to help you reach your service excellence goals.

What does it include?
  • Mystery shopping
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Analysis and follow up
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Move the organization to the next stage
Do you want to be recognized for your customer service excellence standards?

We will develop and deliver bespoke training for your employees and your management teams to excel in customer satisfaction and certify your organization upon achievement of customer service excellence criteria.

What does it include?
  • Hard skills based trainings on customer service
  • Soft skills based trainings on customer service
  • Leadership and Team management trainings
  • Certify your organisation

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